Elevator Maintenance

Contract Maintenance Analysis

BTA provides comprehensive elevator maintenance analysis which includes an examination of the elevators conditions, maintenance history, and ongoing schedules to optimize the equipment’s performance and lifespan. The BTA on-site survey concentrates on the following items:

  • Status of the maintenance service with respect to the overall condition of the equipment, call back frequency, contractor’s records and general upkeep of the job-site per contract specifications.
  • Review test reports and equipment test tags to ensure that all required testing is current and no outstanding deficiencies exist.
  • Review the status of any known city, county or state notifications of violations.
  • Perform standard performance testing to ensure that all units are operating at designed contract speeds with no defects in ride quality, floor leveling or door operation.
  • Perform standard corridor call response time evaluations to determine dispatch efficiency.
  • Review questionable charges for additional services rendered as well as new work proposals.

Our written analysis includes:

  • Rating of current contractor’s maintenance program with respect to the existing contract.
  • Listing of outstanding code violations and recommended remedies.
  • Evaluation of the equipment’s performance.
  • Recommendations for improvement of existing equipment within terms of the existing contract.
  • Recommendations for modernization of existing equipment.

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